“Scratched Eyeball”

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Last night I was dozing by the fire minding my own business. For no apparent reason, Sammy, the family cat launched an attack, biffing me in the right eye. It wasn’t too painful at first, but this morning I can’t open the eye as it hurts too much, and the eye is very weepy. What can you suggest? (Rufus, Setter, 4 years, Mystery Bay)

Dr Alan

Sounds as though a claw caught your cornea (the clear part of the eye), scratching it. This can be very painful, and the eye is tearing in its effort to wash any foreign material away. The vet will put some green fluorescing dye in your eye to aid in visualizing the wound and depending on its severity will initiate the appropriate treatment. Your owner needs to appreciate that eye injuries are emergencies and should be treated immediately.

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