The Concept of “House Call” Veterinary Practice

The concept of making ‘House Calls’ to provide veterinary care for pets follows the preferred model used by generations of General Practitioners who made their ‘rounds’, visiting the homes of patients in years gone by. During these visits the doctor absorbed a great deal of important relevant information about the patient and his/her family situation that is often not forthcoming in a clinical setting. Also his patient experienced a lot less anxiety during the visit, primarily because of the patient’s familiarity with his or her surroundings. Clinics and hospitals can be scary places.

Many pet owners have experienced the anxiety and frustrations of trying to bring a non cooperative pet to a veterinary clinic or hospital. Many people know that as soon as they bring the cat carrier out of the garage their normally quiet, friendly cat may run under the bed or deep into a closet or worse, disappear outside.  And heaven help the owner who utters the “V” word in the presence of the family dog. And the aforementioned refers to the anxiety level of all concerned BEFORE reaching the door of the veterinary clinic. Things can get really ‘interesting’ after entering the threshold of the vet clinic or hospital.

Animals and their owners experience a much lower anxiety level when the vet visits the home.  The experienced eye of the veterinarian surveys the situation and frequently can ascertain useful hints about how the animal in question came to grief but as importantly, identify ways of preventing similar situations from repeating themselves.

Certainly, a small percentage of cases require sophisticated diagnostic tools such as X-rays or ultrasound exams or surgical procedures to be performed. In such cases the ‘House Call’ practitioner transports the patient to a clinic and performs the appropriate procedure.  In rare, complex cases he/she may even refer the case to ‘veterinary specialists’, usually in a Capital City. However, 95% of calls are routine in nature and are appropriately and efficiently handled in the convenience of the patient’s home.

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